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As of April 1, 2016, Audrey Voth Petkau will assume sole ownership of TourMagination. Previous co-owners Wilmer and Janet Martin have...READ MORE

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  • Jordan, Palestine, Israel
  • Canadian Rockies
  • The Glory of Russia
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Be More than a Tourist

Boat ride on Sea of Galilee

Founded in 1970 to share the Mennonite heritage story in Europe, TourMagination has now led Christian tours in more than 50 countries and to every continent. In addition to Holy Land tours, we offer eco-adventure, cultural experience, and heritage tours, as well as cruises.

Each TourMagination tour is designed to provide an opportunity for you to deepen your faith as you explore both well-known and unique attractions. 

With a distinctive blend of learning and recreation, expect an authentic cultural experience as you interact with locals on our tours. Our expert storytellers and knowledgeable in-country guides help you understand thGuifidan Castle where George Blaurack was Imprisionede significance of sites. Best of all, experience rich community as you travel with like-minded people of faith.

Many of our tours include times of spiritual reflection, worship, and fellowship with local Christians in the countries we visit. We often learn about volunteer and mission work happening on short visits to organizations in host nations.

Are you ready for an exceptional faith-based tour?

Be more than a tourist—join a TourMagination tour today!


2016 TOURS

The Great Trek: A Silk Road Odyssey with John Sharp & Fred Redekop (June 5-17/16)

European Heritage with John Ruth & Wilmer Martin (June 26-July 9/16)

Amish European Heritage with John Ruth & Wilmer Martin (July 6-Aug 9/16)

Alaska Cruise with Wilmer & Janet Martin (Aug 23-Sept 3/16)

Jordan, Palestine, Israel: A Journey of Hope with Nelson Kraybill (Sept 8-19/16)

Discover Canada: The Canadian Rockies with David & Joyce Eshleman (Sept 20- 29/16)

Natural & Cultural Highlights in Switzerland, Germany & Austria (Sept 21-Oct 1/16) with Wilmer Martin

Experience the Glory of Russia & the Mennonite Story in Ukraine with Leonard Friesen & Audrey Voth Petkau (Sept 21-Oct 3/16)

Holy Land & Harvest the Olives with Ruben & Idella Chupp (Oct 10-18/16)

Mennonites of Ohio & Indiana Bus Tour with Lorne Smith & Wilmer Martin (Oct 24 -28/16)

Haiti: Hope, Beauty & Resilience Tour with Janelle Martin (Oct 27-Nov 6/16)

Vietnam & Singapore with Luke Martin & Wilmer Martin (Nov 21-Dec 5/16)



Cuba (January)

Australia/New Zealand with Audrey Voth Petkau & Terry Petkau (February)

Mennonite Story in Poland with John Sharp & Audrey Voth Petkau (Spring)

European Heritage with John Ruth (June)

Cathedrals & Museums in London, Paris & Berlin with Audrey Voth Petkau & Allan Rudy-Froese (July 14-26)

Holy Land (October)

India Photo Tour with Jim Pankratz & Al Doerksen (October)

Polar Bear Adventure in Churchill, Manitoba (October)

Explore the World of Paul with Tom Yoder Neufeld (Date to be announced)


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