Worshiping together with Cuban Christians

cuba-photo-3On Sunday we worshiped with a Brethren in Christ church about 30 minutes outside of Havana.

It was a small congregation that meets in the pastor’s home, but this Sunday knowing that we were coming, another congregation from a neighbouring community came as well. Together with our group and the local congregations we were about 120 people, a lot more than the room could hold, so many people were looking in from outside.

cuba-photo-5We were warmly welcomed by all. The pastor said to us it is very good that we are here in Cuba.

The pastor’s three daughters led some vibrant singing and the whole church came alive and our group just tried to keep up. The three young women also performed a liturgical dance which they themselves choreographed. The rest of the morning was spent in conversation, introductions, questions, sharing and of course ended with the sharing of lunch.

cuba-photo-4-rotatedPreparing lunch for all of us was a big undertaking and some had been awake since 5 a.m. preparing. To serve us the room in which we had the worship service was quickly converted to our dining room. Most of us do not know Spanish so we tried to communicate with some of the people in any way that worked.

What a privilege it was to have been invited into their home and share with them.

– Sharon Thiessen

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