Viñales, Cuba


vinales-3-rotatedWe enjoyed a beautiful day in the Viñales region. It is largely a tobacco growing region because the soil conditions are ideal for  tobacco. We stopped at a lookout to see the Viñales valley, an absolutely beautiful view.

We visited  a small tobacco farm in the valley.  The farmer was an entertaining character. He explained the process for making cigars and showed how he rolled cigars and the types he makes. We watched as they  harvested leaves, placed them on racks, and saw leaves drying in the tobacco house. Some of us took the opportunity to purchase Cuban cigars right from this farmer.

vinales-4-rotatedIt was a beautiful setting in the valley, intriguing to meet a local tobacco farmer and learn about the craft of cigar-making which Cubans are known for world-wide.

Getting into the valley meant some driving on winding roads which was challenging for some.  it gave us a view of another region and way of life in Cuba.

– Sharon Thiessen

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