TourMagination Cruise & Travel Specialist Cheryl Gilmore

Growing up in multicultural Winnipeg, Canada, Cheryl Gilmore vowed to one day travel and see the world. After graduating from design in Toronto in 1991, she began working as a wardrobe and costume supervisor for the Broadway shows featured on Norwegian Cruise Lines. Cheryl GilmoreLater she worked with other cruise companies, including Royal Viking, Holland America, Renaissance and Silversea. Cheryl has sailed to multiple countries and stayed extensively in places such as the UK, Europe, Russia, the Philippines, South America and numerous American ports.

After nearly 16 of years travelling for work, Cheryl became a full-time travel consultant so she could use her industry knowledge to benefit other travellers. She has experience with destinations and ports all over the world, and she knows how to get the most out of any itinerary. Cheryl has travelled to six continents and has worked alongside leading travel brands for most of her life.

As a travel consultant with TourMagination’s partner, Bonaventure Travel, she designs individual travel including customized cruise routes with special excursions, guided tours around Africa and Asia, and interesting activities like cooking classes in Italy. Working with TourMagination for the past 5 years, she has been helping to build engaging custom group tour itineraries to destinations including Cuba, India, Russia, France, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Cheryl’s extensive experience and attention to detail enable her to plan stress-free itineraries that allow individuals, families, and groups to relax and enjoy their adventures.

“I believe that every destination offers something amazing. I love crafting the best possible journeys so that travellers get the most out of their trips.” Cheryl Gilmore, Cruise & Travel Specialist, TourMagination

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    8 months ago, 7:21

    Thank you for keeping a relevant site and those are some of the areas I’ve traveled or hope to. Last Fall my older sister went by car to New England and Nova Scotia for ‘Leaves & Lighthouses’ person auto tour (4 of us). When the owner called me a few months ago I told her yes, I still hope to go on MFH tour 2021 if it is still being held. My son has lived W.Papua, INDO 8 years and I have visited often, and to see the grandsons. If I remain healthy there are still some areas of that country I have not explored. I have been in every state of Austalia, much of Asia, Israel, Spain & Portugal since retiring in 2013. Keep me in the loop and I will browse and do ‘wishful thinking.’

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      8 months ago, 4:03

      You’re welcome Jim. Sounds like you are an experienced traveller. Yes we will keep you in the loop about our tours. We all hope to travel again sometime soon.

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    8 months ago, 1:18

    If my health holds out (now 72) I hope to go on MFH tour to Indonesia in July 2021

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