When: Oct 01—Oct 11
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Newfoundland Adventure

On this adventure cruise, revel in Newfoundland’s world-famous culture and hospitality. Experience life in remote otuports and fishing villages. Visit North America’s only Authenticated Norse site at L’Anse Aux Meadows. Enjoy a warm Mi’kmau welcome in Miawpukek First Nations. Hike the spectacular Tablelands at Gros Morne National Park. Get a tast of Europe on the French island of Saint – Pierre. Visit three UNESCO World Heritage sites: Red Bay, L’Anse aux Meadows, Red Bay, and Gros Morne National Park. Savour local dishes and meet the fishers and growers who make it happen.

At A Glance

  • October 1-11, 2021
  • 11 Days



Friday, October 1: St. John’s, NL, Canada

Welcome to St. John’s – Newfoundland’s historic, vibrant capital. Sailing out of the port of St. John’s, Signal Hill keeps watch as we exit the world-famous Narrows. The charming houses of The Battery are always a hit with shutterbugs. Watch for whales, and seabirds as we sail.

Saturday, October 2 & Sunday, October 3: The Northeast Coast

The northeast coast of Newfoundland is known for the dozens of picturesque villages that dot its rocky shores, and we will find harbour in of these unique communities. We look forward to a characteristically warm Newfoundland welcome upon our arrival. Photographers will have their work cut out for them capturing all the special charm of classic island communities and picturesque coastlines.

Monday, October 4: L’Anse aux Meadows

L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only authenticated Norse settlement in North America. The archaeological remains found here in 1960 date to approximately 1,000 AD. Amazingly, the location was first established bay a close reading of the Viking sagas. Today, a superb interpretive centre and several reconstructed Norse-style sod buildings makes L’Anse Aux Meadows a must-see for an visitor to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Tuesday, October 5: Red Bay

The Red Bay Basque Whaling Station became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2013. Basque whaler operated out of the Red Bay harbour in the 1500’s. North America’s first export industry. The interpretation centre at Red Bay is excellent. Here we find tools, personal items and navigational instruments recovered from the wreck of the whaling ship San Juan. The ship was was lost in a storm in 1565 and found centuries later submerged in the harbour. We will visit nearby Saddle Island to learn the history of the whaling industry.

Wednesday, October 6: Gros Morne and Woody Point

Gros Morne’s Tablelands, a 600 metre plateau, form one of the world’s best examples of exposed mantle. Normally found below the Earth’s crust, the mineral-rich rocks support very little life, making the Tablelands an eerie landscape. There will be various walking and hiking options available. Views of Bonne Bay are spectacular. Gros Morne’s interpretation centre is excellent and the town of Woody Point is a delight to explore.

Thursday, October 7 & Friday, October 8: The Southern Coast

The wild and windswept coast of southern Newfoundland is home to a few remaining out port communities. There are many choices of unique bays and coves to explore via Zodiac or land excursions.  Along the coast, the geology is outstanding, and plant life is gorgeous. We will be on the watch for wildlife too.  We will make the most of every change to explore this beautiful and remote coast.

Saturday, October 9: Miawpukek (Conne Rive)

The First Nations community of Miawpukek became a permanent settlement sometime around 1822. Before then, it was on e of many semi-permanent camping sites used by the Mi’kmaw people – who had traditionally travelled nomadically throughout the east coast. Since its establishment as a reserve in 1987, Miawpukek has successfully bridged traditional knowledge and contemporary practice. We will receive a formal welcome from local leaders and have a chance to explore this special community.

Sunday, October 10: Saint – Pierre, France

Explore Saint – Pierre, a last bastion of France’s colonial territories in North America. The colourful and charming shops and residences of the town of Saint – Pierre reveal its unique historical character. French food, wine, clothing, and culture are all on offer here. The sweets at the local cafes and bakeries are in high demand. Saint-Pierre offers a taste of European living, just  a short sail from the coast of Newfoundland.

Monday, October 11: St. John’s, NL, Canada

On the final day of our expedition, we will sail back through the Narrows and into St. John’s harbour. The expedition team will be on hand to assist you with luggage and transportation arrangements, as you say farewell and depart for home.


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Cover Photo: Newfoundland Whaling Station by Lavon Welty