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Discover Prague & the Mennonite Sojourn in Poland

This delightful tour combines sight-seeing in Eastern Europe with investigating the lesser-known story of Mennonites in Poland. On a brief stop in Prague, the capital of Czechia (the Czech Republic), marvel at colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and the city’s famous Old Town Square. Also visit important sites in Krakow and Warsaw in Poland. Guided by Mennonite historian John Sharp, learn more about the country that sheltered Dutch and German Mennonites beginning as early as the 1530’s right up to the Second World War. Some families stayed in the Vistula Delta of Poland for generations, later migrating to South Russia, Ukraine, and the American Midwest.


At A Glance

  • May 27 – June 6, 2019
  • 11 Days



Monday May 27     Prague

Meet the group in Prague and relax at our hotel or join in a group activity.

Tuesday, May 28     Prague

Following a good night’s rest, you’ll be ready for a guided city tour to see the magnificent sights of Prague, including the Old Town Square (with its famous Astronomical Clock), Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, and much more. Free time in the afternoon for further exploration, shopping, or rest as time permits. Optional evening concert.

Wednesday, May 29     Kraków

Relax and enjoy the countryside as we journey to Kraków, Poland. Stretch your legs and take in the scenery at stops en route.

Thursday, May 30     Warsaw

This morning we will take a guided tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mines are sometimes called “The Underground Salt Cathedral” because they contain historic statues and mythical figures, as well as contemporary sculptures all carved from salt—even the crystal chandeliers are made of reconstituted salt. Travel on to Warsaw, Poland for the night.

Friday, May 31     Warsaw

In Warsaw we will see the beautifully restored Old Market Square, Cathedral of St. John, the Barbican (an outpost fort) and adjoining city wall, the monument to the 1944 uprising, and more on a guided city tour.

Saturday, June 1     Toruń

On this portion of our tour, we begin to immerse ourselves in the Mennonite story. Our first stops include historic Mennonite sites in the Vistula delta region. At Deutsch Kazun, see a former Mennonite Church that was still in use during the Second World War. In Deutsch Wymysle, some Mennonite homes still stand. As we walk around the former church and cemetery, look for the names of your ancestors. Next we travel to Toruń—the birthplace of famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus—for a walking tour of one of the oldest urban centers in Poland.

Sunday, June 2     Gdańsk

Continue along the Vistula Valley towards Gdańsk via a number of Mennonite towns, possibly including Schoensee and Nickelstein. Visit Montau, formerly a prosperous Mennonite community. Stop at the well-preserved cemetery in Montauerweide.

Monday, June 3     Gdańsk

Visit the beautiful Oliwa Gardens and enjoy an organ concert at the Oliwa Cathedral. Tour the historic city centre of Gdańsk including a museum in the town hall, the Church of St. Mary, and a former Mennonite Church (now a Pentecostal church).

Tuesday, June 4     Gdańsk

Visit Stutthof Concentration Camp in the morning. In the afternoon, continue to delve into the Mennonite history of Poland as we visit the Tiegenhagen cemetery; Nowy Dwor (Tiegenhof) with its Mennonite Museum; Elbing with its former Mennonite church that now belongs to a Polish National Catholic congregation; and Ellerwald, a former church site and cemetery where many Mennonites are buried. Optional concert in Gdańsk this evening.

Wednesday, June 5     Gdańsk

In the morning tour Malbork Castle, once the fortress of Teutonic Knights who came to Poland in the 1300’s and built this expansive, fortified monastery. In the afternoon see more historic Mennonite centers including Neumuensterberg, featuring stately farm homes; and Heubuden, once the center of a large Mennonite community, and its cemetery.

Thursday, June 6

Depart for home enriched with new experiences and new friends.


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