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Bike and Boat Tour from Berlin/Spandau to Malchin

Experience Germany from the seat of a bicycle. Get an up-close view of the beautiful countryside and cityscapes from Berlin to Malchin by land and sea. Visit Poland for a day and night as you explore the sunny island of Usedom, swim in the Baltic Sea, and cruise along the stunning Peene River – often referred to as the “Amazon of the North.” Prepare to be awed and inspired by the history and culture of this European gem in ways you’ve never seen before.

Note: Expect the bicycling distance to be 35-50 km each day. The terrain is mostly flat, and the surface will vary between be asphalt, concrete paths, and cobblestone.

At A Glance

  • July 27 – August 3, 2019
  • 8 Days



Saturday, July 27     Oranienburg, Germany

After arriving in Berlin, board your hotel on the water, The Merlijn. Familiarize yourself with the ship as you sample some refreshments. Arrive in Oranienburg for an overnight stay – a charming town that is the capital of the Oberhavel district in the state of Brandenburg, just outside the city-state of Berlin. This evening, rest on the ship or stretch your legs on an evening stroll in town.

Sunday, July 28    Eberswalde, Germany

Enjoy breakfast on the Havel River as we cruise to Zerpenschleuse to begin today’s bike tour. Continue to Eberswalde along the Finow Canal, one of the oldest human-made waterways in Europe. After a full day of sightseeing, relax on board the ship.

Monday, July 29     Schwedt, Germany

Today, we’ll ride the oldest working German boat lift at Niederfinow, which will transport the ship 36 metres between the upper and lower canal like an elevator. Our journey continues to Oderberg, where we will cycle through the city of Schwedt. Pay a visit to the Castle of Stolpe, one of the best preserved medieval castles in the country. Survey the beautiful countryside from the top of the castle’s tower, which extends from the National Lower Oder River Valley up to Poland. Take a guided tour through this castle to see more outstanding views of the city of Schwedt.

Tuesday, July 30     Szczecin, Poland

Schwedt is an historic town where you will discover some of the remains of the culture of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Enjoy lovely scenery as you cycle between Schwedt and Mescherin, where we return to the ship and set sail for Poland. Stay in the former German city of Stettin, now called Szczecin in Poland. This evening, experience authentic Polish cuisine at one of the city’s local restaurants.

Wednesday, July 31     Usedom, Germany/Poland

Get an early start on the day as we follow the river from Szczecin to the Stettin Lagoon, an inlet shared by Germany and Poland. This German-Polish region, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is well worth exploring by bike. Cycle across the island of Usedom, shared by Germany and Poland, to the northern coast, where you will have time to relax, swim, rent a beach chair, or stroll through charming nearby cities such as Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf.

Thursday, August 1     Stolpe, Germany

This morning, continue cycling around the sunny island of Usedom. Board The Merlijn in Karnin, and sail on the Peene River. In district of Stolpe, you will be greeted by remarkable views and friendly locals.

Friday, August 2     Malchin, Germany

Your final cycling tour begins in Loitz, another quaint village on the shore of the Peene River. Bike back through the former German Democratic Republic region, where the roads will change from asphalt, to concrete bike paths, to authentic cobblestone streets. Cruise along the Peene River to Malchin, and take in breath-taking forested landscapes in an area sometimes called the “Amazon of the North.” During our cruise, we will cross Lake Kummerow – a 20 km-wide waterway. We conclude our day in Malchin.

Saturday, August 3

After breakfast, bid farewell to your travelling companions and depart for home.


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