Holy Land Pilgrimage in Israel & Jordan with Ingrid & Scott Reichard


    Experienced tour leaders Ingrid and Scott Reichard will guide you to significant Old and New Testament sites in Northern, Central, and Southern Israel, as well as key locations across the Jordan River. Get a picture of the historical and geographical context of the Bible as you travel from Eilat to the Golan heights, from the lush Galilee to the arid Negev wilderness.

    Holy Land Peace Pilgrim Walk with Jesus


    Delve into the life and ministry of Jesus in the Holy Land. Reflect on the ways in which Jesus fulfilled ancient promises to Israel and how he paved the way for forgiveness, truth, healing, love, and life. Walk where Jesus walked, and experience first-hand the places in which he lived out his childhood and much of his public ministry.

    Explore the World of Paul in Greece & Italy

    Guided by New Testament scholar Tom Yoder Neufeld, learn about the cultural contexts that shaped the Apostle Paul, his message, and his congregations. Also see locations of interest in Rome & Greece.

    Jordan, Palestine, Israel: A Journey of Hope

    Enrich your faith and biblical understanding as you visit key Old and New Testament sites. In Jordan, learn about the Israelites’ trek toward the Promised Land as we visit Mount Nebo, Moses’ Spring, Mount Hor, and the Jordan River. In Israel/Palestine, learn about the life and times of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. Knowledgeable and experienced tour leader Nelson Kraybill will guide your experience with rich insight emphasizing themes of peacemaking and healing.

Take a pilgrimage to the lands of the Bible—Israel/ Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey—with TourMagination.

Standing on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, imagining the movements of Jesus and his disciples during Passover, is a transforming experience.

Visiting many other sites mentioned in the Bible, makes Scripture leap off the page and take on three dimensions.
Tours that include Jordan shed new light on the life of Moses, Elijah, and other Old Testament figures. Our World of Paul tour retraces the missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul.

A TourMagination distinctive is our open-minded approach to the complex land of Israel/Palestine—home to three world religions. Our tours often include interaction with Jews, Muslims, and Christians and/or visits to sites that are important to them.

TourMagination carefully monitors the current situation in the Middle East. We modify our itineraries to maintain safety.