Discover Prague & the Mennonite Sojourn in Poland


    Combine sight-seeing in Eastern Europe with investigating the lesser-known story of Mennonites in Poland. In Prague, marvel at colourful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, and the city’s famous Old Town Square. Visit important sites in Krakow and Warsaw in Poland. In Poland’s Vistula Delta, learn more about the country that sheltered Dutch and German Mennonites beginning as early as the 1530’s right up to the Second World War.

    The Mennonite Story & Highlights of Ukraine


    On this tour of Ukraine, engage with the Russian Mennonite story past and present. Visit the Stalinist city of Zaporizhye and the former colonies Chortitza and Molotschna, which were settled by Mennonites in the late 1700’s. During visits to the colonies, explore villages related to your family roots. Expert guide Len Friesen will shed light on the Mennonite story within the rich context of Tsarist and Soviet history, as well as present-day realities and challenges. For an enhanced travel experience, consider combining this tour with the Treasures of Russia: Moscow & St. Petersburg Tour, June 10-17, 2019.

    European Anabaptist Heritage Tour


    Visit significant sites that will bring to life the stories of important Anabaptist leaders. See the historic Dutch village of Zaanse Schans, take a cable car up Stockhorn mountain, reflect in a cave where Anabaptists worshipped in secret, and stay in the homes of generous, hospitable locals in the town of Berlikum. Explore art and culture in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

    Schürch Family Custom Tour


    This custom tour was developed to help descendants of Schürch ancestors to learn about their unique family story and the larger Anabaptist story of which they are a part.

    Central Asia: Crossroads of Faith and Culture

    On this tour along the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, interact with Muslim scholars and clerics; also meet Uzbeki orthodox Christians. As you retrace the historic migration trail of Mennonites who travelled from Russia to Uzbekistan in the late 1800s, hear about the opposition they faced and the surprising welcome they received from some of their Muslim hosts. Your heart and mind will be expanded as you examine intersections of faith and discover the cultural riches in this part of the world.

    Romania Hutterite & Cultural Tour


    Retrace the footsteps of Hutterite ancestors in the Transylvania region of Romania, home to the small Hutterite community of Alwinz for nearly 150 years. Explore the rich heritage of the Saxon Germans and Romanians with whom the Hutterites interacted. Enjoy the spectacular fall colours as you visit medieval castles, churches and villages.

    Mennonite Central Committee Centennial Celebration: Ukraine Tour

    This year TourMagination’s classic Mennonite heritage tour in Ukraine has an extra-special twist. Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is celebrating 100 years since its founding in 1920 to aid famine-stricken Mennonites in Ukraine—and you’re invited to join the celebration in the land where it all started! As well as participating in the Centennial Celebration, gain a greater understanding of the Russian Mennonite story by engaging with the lands of its history.

    Amish Heritage Tour with Oberammergau Passion Play

    This tour traces the Anabaptist and Amish story through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. Visits to significant sites will bring to life the stories of Jakob Amman and other important Anabaptist leaders. This special tour also includes seeing the Oberammergau Passion Play, which is only performed every 10 years.

    European Anabaptist Heritage Tour

    SOLD OUT. Ask to be placed on the waiting list.

    This European heritage tour traces the Anabaptist/Mennonite story through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. Visits to significant sites will bring to life the stories of Menno Simons, Jakob Amman, Martin Luther, and many other Reformation and Anabaptist leaders. Historian and experienced tour leader John Sharp will share insights as you travel in these beautiful countries that were so important to our Anabaptist ancestors.

    Upcoming Tours In Development

    A sneak peek at future tours for next year

TourMagination was founded to help Mennonites and other Anabaptists (Amish, Hutterites, Brethren in Christ, and German Baptist Brethren) to rediscover their heritage.

Our tours to Western Europe visit important historical Anabaptist sites such as Tauferhole in Switzerland—a cave where persecuted believers worshipped in secret.

We also explore the migrations of the Anabaptist and Mennonite diaspora in Russia/Ukraine, Poland, Central Asia, South America, and Mexico.
As tour members share reflections on past martyrdoms and migrations, and meet Mennonites in other parts of the world, their own faith grows.

With top-notch storytellers including Len Friesen, John Sharp, and Ayold Fanoy, TourMagination offers outstanding Anabaptist and Mennonite Heritage Tours for North Americans.

WE CAN ALSO PLAN CUSTOM FAMILY OR GROUP TOURS. Use this handy tour planner to tell us the focus of your tour, the heritage sites you want to visit, and your other needs.