Tanzania Caring, Sharing & Safari Tour for Women

    Join Mennonite women from across Canada and the US for an intergenerational women’s tour in Tanzania. Visit social enterprises. Learn about the Maasai way of life in a traditional village. Buy unique crafts at a local market and a social enterprise for people with disabilities. Interact with local Mennonite congregations and/or women’s groups. See elephants, lions, giraffes, monkeys, zebras and other wildlife plus a large assortment of colourful birds on safaris. Tour leader Shirley Redekop is the President of Mennonite Women Canada.

    A Rare Beauty: South Africa Tour

    Experienced tour leaders Len & Mary Friesen can’t wait to show you what they love about South Africa. See the spectacular wildlife at Kruger National Park. Enjoy a hike up Table Mountain and a visit to botanical gardens as well as taking a day cruise along Cape Peninsula. Learn about South Africa’s tumultuous and triumphant past as you tour some black townships, Robben Island, and Cape Town.

    Sights, Sounds & Sacred Spaces of Ireland

    Experience a land rich in Celtic Christian spirituality, beauty, legend, music, and history. Visit sites of historic and spiritual significance. Marvel at the natural beauty of the country. Your interior journey will be paralleled by the rugged landscape. As we walk pilgrim routes, and enjoy traditional music, storytelling and good humour, we will encounter the heart and spirit of a people.

    Paraguay & Colombia: Mennonite Stories in South America

    Enrich your understanding of Paraguay and Colombia as you tour important cities and see the countryside. Visit Paraguayan Mennonite colonies, worship in local churches, and hear about the everyday lives of Mennonites. As you engage with staff from Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite World Conference, and other nonprofits, learn how Mennonites are working toward peace in Colombia.

    Marvelous Music & Culture in Germany

    Take in the sights and scenery of Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg as you survey Germany’s incredibly rich musical history. Visit museums dedicated to famous German composers including Schumann and Mendelssohn.. Enjoy a performance by Leipzig’s Gewandhaus Orchestra, as well as other concerts and music input. Tour leaders Rennie Regehr and Rod Zook can’t wait to introduce you to some of historic and modern classical music of Germany and to show you cultural highlights of the country.

    Delights of Italy: Gardens, Lakes, and Cuisine

    Delights of Italy: Gardens, Lakes, and Cuisine Often described as the country of the world’s most extraordinary gardens, see these remarkable grounds first-hand with TourMagination! Not only will you have the opportunity to tour luxurious villas, gorgeous estates and [...]

    Ancient & Modern Splendors of Japan

    Immerse yourself in the colour, culture, and history of this unique destination. Hear local guides and residents talk about daily life, and the vivacity of the local church. Japan entices its travellers with bold culture, rich history and stunning landscapes. Experience all of this and more first-hand on a trip that mixes ancient tradition with modern civilization.

    Natural and Cultural Encounters in the Amazon and Galapagos

    Natural and Cultural Encounters in the Amazon and Galapagos Ecuador and the Galapagos are parts of the world unlike any other. In the capital city of Quito, take time to explore the country’s culture. Travel through the Andes mountains [...]

    Bike and Boat Tour from Berlin/Spandau to Malchin

    Experience Germany from the seat of a bicycle. Get an up-close view of the beautiful countryside and cityscapes from Berlin to Malchin by land and sea, including a day and night in Poland. Prepare to be awed and inspired by the history and culture of this European gem in ways you’ve never seen before.

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Our cultural adventures usually include interacting with locals, worshipping with local Mennonites or other Christians, and visiting non-profit organizations active in an area. Many of our storytellers are Christian academics or former Christian workers who lived in the countries. They share their deep knowledge to create an engaging and immersive experience.