allanrudyfroese1After nearly two decades in pastoral ministry in Manitoba and Ontario, Allan Rudy-Froese went back to school to complete a Ph.D. in homiletics – the art and theology of preaching. He has been professor of Christian proclamation at AMBS in Elkhart, IN for five years. Allan teaches classes in preaching, vocal communication, worship, ritual, biblical storytelling, and pastoral leadership. Recent research interests include God’s grace in Mennonite and Lutheran preaching, stage fright, and Christian persuasion (witness?) in various mediums (song, architecture, theatre, preaching, and visual art) from the Reformation era to the present. When not on the AMBS campus, Allan enjoys leading workshops and seminars in Canada and the USA for on oral communication (most recently in Winnipeg with high school students), worship leading, storytelling, and preaching. He leads and teaches with humor, warmth, and plenty of interactive games and exercises. Allan enjoys cooking, reading sci-fi novels, listening to classic rock and roll, and taking voice and acting classes. Allan lives in Goshen, IN with his wife Marilyn who serves as pastor at Berkey Ave Mennonite Fellowship. Their young adult sons are students at University of Waterloo; daughter Abby is in high school in Goshen.