South Africa Tour, District 6, 23 February

    Forgiveness.  Reconciliation.  The urge to destroy and kill, and the commandment of love. One would not expect that such words would be the centerpiece of a tour, but that would be the wrong assumption in South Africa.  For this [...]

    South Africa Tour, Visiting Winelands

    Today we visited South Africa's renowned Cape winelands of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.  Less than an hour from Capetown, these lands are really relatively small valleys ringed with mountain ranges.  It is immensely picturesque, even if a person is a [...]

    South Africa, The Cape of Good Hope

    On February 20, we took a day trip from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope to what almost feels like the bottom of Africa (even if it is not--that honour belongs to Cape Argulhas). We stopped at [...]

    South Africa Tour, Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

    On February 19, we took a cable car up Table Mountain and enjoyed incredible view of the city and peninsula. Here is our group at the top. Walking around Cape Town we saw City Hall with a statue of [...]

    South Africa Tour, First Days

    We all safely arrived in Port Elizabeth in South Africa after a variety of flight connections. A restful "kombi" (mini-bus) ride took us to the Kariega Game Reserve a couple of hours away along the Indian Ocean and past [...]

    South Africa:  How a World Rugby Championship has Inspired a Nation

        How can rugby inspire a nation?  It’s worth noting that rugby was long the White Man’s Sport in South Africa, as captured in Clint Eastwood’s brilliant film Invictus.   Which is why non-whites hated the team known as […]

    The “White Zulu” of South Africa: A Tribute to Johnny Clegg

    Nelson Mandela.  Desmond Tutu.  These two must be among the biggest names of our time. Both proudly South African.  Both closely connected to Cape Town.  Both statesmen of the world.  And both at the heart of the stories we’ll […]

    Why Travel to South Africa?

    By Leonard & Mary Friesen, South Africa Tour Leaders   It’s no surprise that South Africa is on many people’s bucket lists. Where else can you take in two oceans, two world-famous Nobel Prize winners, Africa’s majestic “Big 5” […]

    South Africa Tour – Final Day in Cape Town

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader This is the day of departures.  In fact, it has already happened as Lois and Nancy departed for the airport and a Durban add-on about 2 hours ago.  There is a certain melancholy in […]

    South Africa Tour – Winery tours

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader Today was a rather different day as we left the Cape for the winelands of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.  Located about an hour north of Cape Town itself, the region is noted for its world-famous […]

    South Africa Tour – A visit to the capes

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader It’s not often that you get to stand at the bottom of a continent, but that was the case today for our tour group.  Today was our day to drive down to the two […]

    South Africa Tour – Robben Island and Cape Town Waterfront

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader Today we visited Robben Island, 5 miles off Cape Town in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  The place  and setting is full of contrasts.  On the one hand, it is in a […]

    South Africa Tour – Safari and Cape Town

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader 7 August 2018 This is our second day at Chisomo River Lodge, a 19,000 hectare peace of beauty on the outskirts of Kruger National Park.  We arrived yesterday, but I didn’t send an installment […]

    South Africa 2018: The First Installment

    By Len Friesen, Tour Leader It’s amazing how much TourMagination tours always feel like family reunions when they gather.  That’s how it felt today as we gathered in Johannesburg after a couple of sleepless nights en route.  But spirits were […]

    The Legacies of Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela

    By Len Friesen Robert Mugabe’s recent “retirement” in Zimbabwe provides a good opportunity to reconsider the remarkable legacy of Nelson Mandela, the first President of a post-Apartheid South Africa. There are, interestingly enough, many parallels between them. Both were […]