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JUNE 2018

What’s inside the Fall 2018 Discovery News:

On the front page, read about Greyson and Roberto—co-owners of Savannah Explorers in Tanzania. Find out how they invest in their local economy and what they think is different about TourMagination groups and their safari excursions.

More in this issue:

  • Read Audrey’s reflection on introducing the next generation to cultural experiences through travel—including her own grandchildren.
  • Look for a showing of John Ruth’s documentary “Is There a Lesson?” near you.
  • Featured Tour: West Meets East in India with Jim Pankratz, March 2-16, 2019
  • Plan your next Cruise, Heritage, Holy Land, Natural Wonders or Cultural Experience tour as you browse our 2018, 2019 and 2020 tour options. Several NEW TOURS! (p. 3-4)
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