Fresh Perspectives on the History, Church, & People of Cuba

    Learn about political, cultural, and religious changes in Cuba. Visit significant sites including the Martin Luther King Centre, the Cuban Council of Churches, and the BIC Training Centre near Cienfuegos. Worship with local churches and enjoy rare opportunities to engage with Cuban citizens. Reflect on the role of churches and NGO’s in this society as we visit some non-profit organizations.

    Mennonites of Mexico and the Copper Canyon

    On visits to Mexican Mennonite colonies, learn about their churches, businesses, schools, and history. Connect with Mexican Mennonites as we worship and eat together. See another side of Mexico as you tour the Copper Canyon in the breath-taking Sierra Tarahumara Mountains. Ride a train through this group of six canyons and stay overnight in a mountainside lodge. Enjoy a scenic hike and hear about the Tarahumara—one of Mexico’s First People.

    Alaska Land & Cruise Tour

    Soak in the vast, natural beauty of Alaska by coach, train and cruise ship with expert tour leaders. Sprawling landscapes, unique northern wildlife and times of great fellowship await as you visit the bustling city of Fairbanks, explore Denali National Park, and view Alaska’s sprawling landscapes from a comfortable cruise ship. This tour is perfect for grandparents and their grandchildren, but ALL are welcome, — singles, couples, and families.

    Wonders of Alaska Cruise with Rich & Gloria Bucher

    Explore the vast natural riches of Alaska alongside loved ones on this family and friends tour! See sprawling wilderness landscapes and unique northern wildlife—including moose, caribou, whales and seals. With exciting land and sea excursions, this tour promises memorable experiences for travellers of all ages. Experienced tour leaders Rich and Gloria Bucher will take care of logistics and facilitate fun.

    Paraguay & Colombia: Mennonite Stories in South America

    Enrich your understanding of Paraguay and Colombia as you tour important cities and see the countryside. Visit Paraguayan Mennonite colonies, worship in local churches, and hear about the everyday lives of Mennonites. As you engage with staff from Mennonite Central Committee, Mennonite World Conference, and other nonprofits, learn how Mennonites are working toward peace in Colombia.

Whether you are looking for a breaking from winter or a chance to learn more about Mennonites from other countries, TourMagination offers a number of tours close to home.  Join us for a cruise to parts of the Caribbean or for a visit to the Mexican colonies.