Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation & Life of Luther

    Celebrate with Protestants from around the world as you explore the birth of the Reformation in Europe. Reflect on God’s activity through the lives of Martin Luther and other reformers as you visit important sites in Germany.

    Discover Prague & the Mennonite Sojourn in Poland

    This delightful tour combines sight-seeing in Eastern Europe with investigating the lesser-known story of Mennonites in Poland.

    Reformations Old & New: Cathedrals & Museums (London, Paris & Berlin)

    Explore European faith and art — past and present — in London, Paris, and Berlin as interpreted from an Anabaptist perspective on this delightful tour of European art and culture.

    300th Anniversary Swiss-German Mennonite Heritage Tour

    This special edition of our classic European Anabaptist Heritage tour recalls the breakthrough migration of Swiss-German Mennonites to Pennsylvania in the fall of 1717. See important locations such as the Anabaptist Cave, Trachselwald Castle, the church at Erlenbach, and the Täuferstieg. Hear the Anabaptist story of Zurich and Bern. Enjoy natural and cultural sights including the Alps, the Rhine River, the Musée Unterlinden in Colmar, and the Cologne cathedral.

    Sights, Sounds & Sacred Spaces of Ireland

    Discover and celebrate Celtic Christian spirituality as you listen to stories & music and visit sacred sites which bring body, mind and soul into relationship with creation and with fellow travellers.

    France Gardens & Gastronomy Tour

    Feast your senses on the autumn glory of gardens in the Loire Valley of France. Stay in charming towns steeped in history. Savour mouth-watering cuisine highlighting unique local French produce.

    Travel to Russia with Len Friesen

    Enjoy an authentic experience as you experience Russian culture, architecture, and history in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Tour leader Len Friesen, a knowledgeable history professor who speaks and reads Russian, will capably guide you.

    Christmas Markets on the Rhine

    Marvel at cities dressed in holiday splendour along the stunning Rhine River Gorge. Reflect on Christ’s birth as we visit historic cathedrals, sing carols, and see nativity scenes. Shop for unique gifts at European Christmas markets.

    European Heritage Tour in the Netherlands & Belgium

    Explore the history that shaped the Anabaptist story in the Netherlands and Belgium. Experience sites significant to Mennonite heritage. Worship and share a meal with local Mennonites. Also, discover some of the incredible art, history, and culture of the Netherlands and Belgium as you visit Amsterdam and Bruges. Tour leader Ayold Fanoy lives in the Netherlands and studies theology at the Dutch Mennonite Seminary.

    The Mennonite Story & Highlights of Ukraine

    Experience the Mennonite story in Ukraine as you visit the historic colonies of Chortitza and Molotschna. Look for your family name in cemeteries, possibly visit the village of your ancestors. Marvel at beautifully constructed, brightly coloured Ukrainian Orthodox cathedrals. Tour a well-manicured park in the centre of Kiev that is frequented by locals and visitors. University history professor and experienced tour leader Len Friesen will capably guide you.

Europe, the birthplace of the Anabaptist story, is the second-smallest continent by physical size but is the third largest by population. Comprised of four regions (northern, western, southern and eastern Europe), the majority of TourMagination’s tours to the region focus on western Europe where the beginning of Anabaptist movement is explored in greater depth.

Much of Mennonite culture is shaped by European influence, whether it shows in traditional foods enjoyed on special occasions, or in dialects still spoken today. While traveling through the various regions of Europe, TourMagination ensures you have an opportunity to sample local delicacies and explore the culture of the local region.