TourMagination presents:

Stories from the Lands of the Bible

Join popular Bible teachers, Tom Yoder Neufeld and Ingrid Reichard, on Wednesday, January 17, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Conrad Grebel University College, Community Education Room.

Ingrid Reichard will begin with a talk entitled: The Geography & Theology of the Book of Judges. Along with insights about the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel, Ingrid will share photos of locations where events in Judges took place from her past Holy Land tours.

Tom Yoder Neufeld will speak about: “Paul the Jewish apostle to the Gentiles confronts the Empire with the gospel of Christ.” With photos and commentary Tom will show what ancient sites in Greece, Italy, and Turkey associated with Paul’s travels can teach us about the beginnings of the Christian faith.

At this event, you’ll:

  • Discover how the book of Judges is arranged geographically, not chronologically
  • Learn what contributed to the captivity of the 10 northern tribes of Israel and why the fate of Judah was so different
  • See photos and hear stories about meaningful sites in the lands of the Bible including: Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Italy, Greece, and Turkey
  • Find out about Ingrid Reichard’s upcoming Holy Land tour that includes sites in Jerusalem, Petra (Jordan), and Israel’s southernmost city—Eilat
  • Hear about Tom Yoder Neufeld’s World of Paul tour that includes stops along Paul’s second missionary journey such as Thessaloniki, Athens, and Corinth in Greece PLUS Rome

Refreshments included. This event is FREE but be sure to reserve your tickets!

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Ingrid Reichard is an insightful Bible teacher and speaker. She served as full-time Bible teacher with Solid Ground Ministries for 7 years and has been a pastor for 11 years. She has chaired or been a member of several boards of Mennonite Brethren organizations—including the Board of Faith and Life and the MB Biblical Seminary. She is an influential leader in the Canadian MB family and has Baptist connections as well. Her studies at Heritage Seminary and McMaster Divinity College focused on the Old Testament. She also has a DMin in Spiritual Formation from Tyndale and is a trained spiritual director.

Tom Yoder Neufeld is a former Professor of Religious Studies (New Testament) at Conrad Grebel University College. A well-liked and engaging lecturer, Tom retired after three decades of teaching the Bible. Tom has also preached and taught in congregational and conference settings, both locally and internationally. He has been a pastor as well as a hospital and prison chaplain, serving both the national church and the Mennonite World Conference. Tom is also the author of three books and an experienced tour leader.

Reserve tickets for the Stories from the Lands of the Bible event.