Natural and Cultural Encounters in the Amazon

    Take time to explore Ecuador’s culture in its capital city, Quito. Travel through the Andes mountains and meet indigenous church leaders. Stay with the indigenous Cofán people for four days and explore their ancestral lands in the rainforest.

    Italy: Bella Terra

    See some of the wonders of our world, including the Colosseum in Rome and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. Wander the canals of Venice. Learn about Julius Caesar, St. Peter, St. Francis of Assisi, the Poor Sisters of Clare, Michelangelo, Mussolini, and pirates of the Mediterranean—among others. On this tour, you’ll gain a better understanding of the forces that have shaped so much of human activity over the centuries, from Roman civilization, to the Catholic faith, to the Renaissance.

    Monasteries & Mountains: Hong Kong, China, Tibet, & Nepal

    Gain an understanding of Buddhism as it is practiced in these culturally connected but different countries. Notice the similarities and differences in the artfully constructed houses of worship. Enjoy astonishing mountain views in all four nations. Meet Ministry of Education officials in Chengdu and staff from a development and peace-building NGO in Nepal, stay overnight near Mount Everest Base Camp, visit two of the “Great Three Monasteries” and so much more.

    Embodying Truth: Church & Theatre in London Tour

    Both theatre artists and ministers in the church seek to enact truth through words, body language, and actions. London is a prime location to see, hear, and touch the sometimes rosy, sometimes rocky relationship between the church and the theatre over the centuries from Shakespeare’s time to modern day. Observe and discuss glimpses of the sacred and profane as you attend church services, plays, and musical performances, as well as tour museums, art galleries, and other culturally significant sites.

    Sights, Sounds & Sacred Spaces of Ireland

    Experience a land rich in Celtic Christian spirituality, beauty, legend, music, and history. Visit sites of historic and spiritual significance. Marvel at the natural beauty of the country. Your interior journey will be paralleled by the rugged landscape. As we walk pilgrim routes, and enjoy traditional music, storytelling and good humour, we will encounter the heart and spirit of a people.