TourMagination Activity Levels

Before registering for a tour, please ensure that you are comfortable with the activity level and have the necessary mobility.


Our cruises provide a flexible holiday that can be very relaxed depending on the port of call excursions you choose. Suitable for travelers with limited mobility.


Tour members should expect intermittent walking with occasional slight inclines and stair climbs. Overall the tour includes a good amount of free time with optional excursions for those who want more activity.


Expect to be active most of each day with activities from breakfast right through dinner with a moderate amount of walking. There will be time to rest on the coach and between attractions.

High Energy

Expect varied terrain, such as cobble stones and hilly ground. The tour will include well-paced walking tours with intermittent breaks. Could be up to 2-3 hours walking per day.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about a particular tour.