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Churches and Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
Churches & Safaris in Kenya & Tanzania
Date:  February 6-18, 2015
Susan & Stan Godshall


Should I be afraid of Ebola?

While Ebola kills 70% of people infected with the virus, to catch it you must be in direct contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids. The disease is not airborne (though could be carried through a sneeze). In addition, most nations have travel bans or health screening in place. As of October 31st, Canada stopped issuing visas to anyone who has visited the Ebola-affected West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone within the past three months. The US allows travelers from those countries to land at a limited number of airports and actively monitors them for 21 days. See safeguards implemented by various countries. If you are considering a tour in Africa, check http://healthmap.org/ebola for Ebola cases and deaths reported by the WHO.  

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Oberammergau Passion Play
Oberammergau Passion PlayOberammergau 2010
Once again, the familiar story of Jesus of Nazareth will be retold by the residents of Oberammergau.  This is truly a community event as nearly half of the villagers will come together on the stage of the Passion Play.  To many of them, the oath of their forefathers represents the beginning of a great theatrical tradition.  To others, it is a legacy, a solemn duty. 

TourMagination invites you to experience this memorable tradition. Register for one of our Oberammergau tours  or one of our one- and two-night mini-packages to Oberammergau. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today to request a brochure for the tour of your choice and the registration form. A deposit of $400 per person is required to reserve your seat and play ticket.

Georg Glas at age 18 as Pontius Pilate
Georg Glas as Pontius Pilate
TourMagination is holding space in Oberammergau at the beautiful  Hotel Turmwirt.   The hotel owner/operator, George Glas, has reserved first-class seats for the Passion Play for our tour participants.

Each TourMagination tour will have a focus, either within Europe or other countries close by.  The Passion Play will be integrated into the tour schedule.  The play involves 1100 amateur actors drawn from the local population.  It lasts an entire day.  The tradition derives from a vow made by the inhabitants of Oberammergau in 1633, after a plague when their village was spared from death.  Join one of TourMagination's tours to see the Oberammergau Passion Play. 

Click here to read what tour participants have said about the Oberammergau experience.

2010 Tours which include Oberammergau
May 6-17                               Springtime in Holland , Belgium & Germany (12 days)

May 8-19                               Lutheran Holy Land Tour (12 days)

June 1-14                             European Heritage I (14 days)

June 13-28                          Spectacular Scandinavia & Its Fjords (16 days)

June 19 - July 2                   Pennsylvania to Europe (A European Heritage Tour (14 days)

June 24-July 5                     Israel/Palestine with Henry Paetkau (12 days)

June 29-July 12                   European Heritage II (14 days)

July 7-17                               Italy, Austria & Germany (11 days)

July 23-August 4                  England & Scotland (13 days)

September 5-18                  European Heritage III (14 days)

September 11-22                Road to Jerusalem (Israel-Palestine) (14 days)

September 16-29                European Heritage Tour IV (14 days)

Mini-Packages to Oberammergau


Tour Name
Nights in Oberammergau
Springtime in Holland, Belgium & Germany
May 15 & 16
Lutheran Holy Land Tour
May 17 & 18
European Heritage Tour I
June 12 & 13
Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords
June 26 & 27
Pennsylvania to Europe
June 30 & July 1
Israel/Palestine with Henry Paetkau
July 3 & 4
European Heritage II
July 10 & 11
Italy, Austria & Germany
July 16 *
England & Scotland
August 2 & 3
Swiss Glacier Express
August 9 & 10
Hershey European
August 18 & 19
Faith Lutheran Holy Land Tour
September 6 & 7
European Heritage Tour III
September 17
The Road to Jerusalem
September 20 & 21
European Heritage IV
September 27 & 28

* One Night Package Dates

The next performance of the Passion Play will be in 2020.  If you would like to be notified about TourMagination's tours to the next performances, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be added to the notification list.

Click here to read the history of the Oberammergau play.

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